Patrol Services

Mobile patrols are highly effective wherever a deterrent is needed but full-time security presence is not a practical or cost effective option.

Patrols-CollageOur mobile patrol  service has experienced large growth due to the fact  we get results , for example…Our patrol staff  will  record the registration of  the suspicious vehicle parked on the side of the road at 3am in the morning near your premises or the car driving with no lights on …we are pro active we inspect properties at different times every night to avoid predictability  and thrive on the success of catching and apprehending offenders.

Our mobile patrol security officers will arrive at your site in a highly visible, FSR security patrol car and undertake a patrol covering all the access-points, perimeters and areas necessary, report any breaches, damage, faults or vandalism

All of our security vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking and GPS equipment which provides feedback to our clients with automated email notification of when they have received a patrol, how long the patrol was onsite, the departure time of the patrol and any occurrences, ensuring that  BEST PRACTICE is always  followed  and as a result you are receiving the service you are paying for.